Back in the saddle

Ok – after a much needed break, a hectic week flooded with appraisals, and turning a few pages in some new books, I sat down refreshed, level headed, and with a clear game-plan.

I’ve gotten a few pages into Caro’s Most Profitable Hold ’em Advice – and tried out a few of his suggestions.  So far – Bueno!

Because this was somewhat experimental – yet sound, and easy to follow – I played a lower limit than normal and found myself up 173 BB’s in 75 mins.  Not bad.

The nutshell:
1)  I defended my SB/BB occasionally with marginal hands if the price was right and my call would close out the betting or if the BB was conscious of his positional dis-advantage, and unlikely to jack up the pot.  I normally fold pretty much everything from the blinds – no matter what the price – so this was new for me.

2)  If there were 4 or more people to act after me, I mucked anything inferior to AQ and pairs lower than JJ.  That means I folded 7’s, 4’s, and 5’s from early-mid position without hesitation.  Only once did I wish I hadn’t when the flop showed a 5 after I folded.  This again was new – I’d sometimes raise and sometimes limp – and would be befuddled when loose players would showdown garbage but still somehow win.  Folding is easier and less traumatic in the long run.

3)  I opened up a bit from later position/the button because the SB/BB were sharks and didn’t seem interested in defending their blinds…that left the 2 loose players UTG and UTG+1 – that’s who I profited from!

There was definitely some luck – I flopped a lot of sets and got to some full-houses and got paid off.  I also flopped my big A vs players who played weaker A’s and got paid off.  I folded AJo from the button 2X when a tight player raised from UTG.  Later I found myself in the same position w/ AQ – I re-raised 4X because there was a limper (maniac) between us.  Opener made it 3X my bet – and maniac between us shoved.  I folded.  Opener showed AKs and maniac showed A9o.  Guess who won with a full house?   Board was 22969…maniac gets a boat and opener loses 50 BBs and I lose only 16…muy bien!

I truly played with a “wait” mentality.  My mantra was that profits will come from playing a few big hands when I’ve got the goods – and that it’s just a waiting game – the most patient person wins!   Action/Activity = Lose…..Patience/Waiting/Folding = Win

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