Birthday Bliss – Round 2

Same as earlier – with less luck.

I ended up down about 30 BB’s about mid-way thru a 70 minute session.  Before this week, I’d have re-loaded.  But I decided to focus on performance rather than results – so I didn’t replenish.  I tried to play good solid poker.  Most players to my right were tight, so not much money was going to come from playing position – I’d have to rely on the loose players to my left to hang themselves.

While nobody “hung” themselves, I did manage to fight back and end up 10 BB’s ahead of my buy-in.  Not bad, of course, and to top it off – even keeled the whole time with little focus on profit – only on playing solid.  For the most part, mission accomplished!

Done for now – gonna go hit Target and maybe Cost Plus.

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