Birthday Bliss – Round 3

Ok – back from Target & Cost Plus.  Got Ben’s gift taken care of.  He and Elaine are having a b-day party/housewarming next Friday.  Tomorrow they’re taking me to a concert in Mountain View – I’m stoked to see Jesus & Mary Chain headline the event.  Way cool.

Anyway, while browsing the tables I found a 6-seater that only had 2 players – I did my usual G2 and saw that one of them was loose-aggressive and had 100 BB’s he was ready to play with.  I decided to have a go at him heads up.

Things went sour for the poor guy pretty quickly.  I was pretty aggressive and took down some early pots.  Then w/ QTo flopped an open ender.  Which I hit and he paid me off bigtime.  On the river, I bet 1/2 his stack – thinking he’d come over top – but he just called.  Leaving him with 14 BB’s.  After that he just kept shoving.  I tested the waters a bit by limping on the button to see if he’d keep up the shoving, which he did.  All I really needed to do was pick a decent A hand and call for his remaining stack (back up to 18 BB’s).  I found myself with A8o and called – he showed JQs…I hit an A and it was all over.  98 BB’s in 4 mins.

While the results are pleasing, I want to believe that I picked the right opponent, the right table, the right stakes, and played smart-aggressive.  That’s what I want to believe anyway.  :-)

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