Birthday Bliss – Round 4

Sat at a table and on the first hand I watched a dude shove all in for 135 BB’s preflop (female avatar…but no female poker player is that crazy) .  His opponent thought about it and called w/ 88…and won.  The original shover showed 95o.  I looked him up, and he was a maniac.

He immediately left the table, and I went in search of him.  Found him at another table with a seat open to his right.  The rest of the table would not fall under the category of desirable opponents – but this guy with this one move made me believe that he’d make it worth my while – and he didn’t know that I saw him shove with the 95o because I just sat down at the other table and never played a hand.

So I waited and waited.  27 hands…didn’t see a flop.  Partway through, the seat to his left opened up and I immediately jumped in so that he would be sitting to my right.   Eventually, 31 hands had been dealt and I saw 1 flop (which I won).

Maniac’s standard pre-flop raise was 7.5 BB’s…huge compared to anyone else.  I wanted a decent hand (not necessarily great) against him alone and in position – which I’d now have a good chance at thanks to my strategic seat change.  On hand 35 (25 mins in), he does his standard 7.5 BB raise.  I find myself w/ QTs.  I call.  This is way out of character for me…but I’m trusting in my position and his crazy persona to work in my favor.  The rest of the field gets the hell out of the way – knowing that I’ve only played 1 hand so far.  I don’t have a monster by any means, but the flop is favorable.   I flop a gutshot and a flush draw.  He acts first and bets the pot on the flop.  I call – hoping for a free river card.  Turn doesn’t improve my hand – but he checks and I get the free river card I’d hoped for.  River pairs the turn – somewhat scary – as he might have a boat, but I doubt it…and much to my liking it’s a heart.   So – to this point, this guy’s full-on bluffs have tended to be for all of his chips (I saw the 95o at the original table and he made one other all-in that was disproportionate to the pot-size on a weird board…there was no showdown, but I was suspicious).  So I called.  I figure this was about as good as it was gonna get – a flush vs the maniac…only a K-high flush could beat me or a full-house.  He showed 64o.  Squadoosh from Donkville!

Voila!  Thanks to the maniac I stood up with 114 BB’s after 27 minutes and playing only 3 out of 37 hands (played one more just so it didn’t look too much like a hit-n-run).  Muy bien!

Performance = Good
Patience = Great
Luck = Standard/Good
Opponent = Donkey
Results = Pleased

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One Response

  1. Good for you! It’s always fun to get a donk at the same table with you and have him/her donate their money to a good cause (your bankroll). I’d keep him on buddy list and make sure you take him/her down again!

    Keep up the great work bro!

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