Update on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues:

Sat/Sun – dismal.  While I don’t spend much time documenting the bad days, I do try to acknowledge them and really get to the bottom of things.  Was it bad luck, or did I do something wrong?   On Sat/Sun – I think I can clearly say that I did something wrong.  I got caught up in trying to win each battle, rather than focus on winning the war.   The most glaring behavior that exemplified that shortcoming was that I’d REALLY get hung up on Top-Top.  I’d carry on further with those hands than I should have – particularly when out of position.  I’d start w/ AK or AQ, flop the K or the Q for example, and get hung up on it.  Opponents in position would often have KQ or something like that and end up flopping 2 pair and just continue to smooth-call me until I dug myself a hole I couldn’t get out of.  The spidey-senses *should* have been on full-alert – but I was stubborn and would keep firing away.   I’m kind of ashamed of this behavior to be honest.  The reason is that one of the first things I ever read in a poker book was, “Don’t go broke on 1-Pair”.  The *average* winning hand is 2-pair.   And even 2-pair isn’t worth going broke on.   If I limit myself to “going broke” on 3-of-a-kind or better, I’ll probably fare pretty well in the long run.  So – with that, my Mon/Tues were cut out for me with that as my guiding principle.

Mon/Tues – Muy Bien!   Highlights for Monday were taking 1st in a 45-player MTT – the payout was equal to 17 buy-ins.  Nice.  The other highlight was another tourney that day where my good-friend-yet total-stranger-and-fellow-poker-blogger, Brooklyn Bum, was observing and caught me taking down another win.   I was stoked to see that he was watching as we’ve been reading and commenting on each others successes and challenges for several months now cross-country.  With that – thanks for the continued encouragement BB – it’s much appreciated.

Highlights for Tuesday were taking 2nd in another 45-player MTT – which paid out just over 10 buy-ins.  Nice.  The other highlight was deciding that I should try something different.   You’ll laugh – but I tried to imagine what a Shark would do if he/she was hungry.   Would I go after a vulnerable surfer who was out alone, or would I go into a crowd of surfers and try to get a meal that way?  I decided that a Shark would most likely go for the vulnerable surfer who was all alone.  So with that in mind, I scoped out the head-up cash games for some bait.   I found some.  I’m generally looking for calling stations and maniacs.  Maniacs seem to be the most profitable, as the calling stations can just keep calling you with their good hands and you don’t know if they’re on a draw or actually have something good/great.  They’re often loose – but not total idiots – especially when they’re in position and just call without any raising/aggression.  Anyway – the prospecting paid off and the heads-up action earned me quite a healthy bounty before I called it quits at 11:30pm.   I kinda liked it and am curious about how profitable that kind of endeavor could be long-term.  Are there enough fish to sustain me if I just played heads up?   We’ll find out as I set out to give it another try today…with similar performance hopefully.

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  1. excellent bro. you are one bad ass dude in poker.

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