Wednesday – Round 1

Prospecting and found a maniac.  30 mins and 145 BB’s.  Generally played well – did get lucky twice on the river when I hung around with an A that was out-kicked prior to the river and a pocket pair that tripped up on the river.  The betting from the maniac wasn’t too aggressive after the flop and turn, so I just smooth-called to see if he’d slow, keep it cheap, or get aggressive.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get aggressive until the river when I’d hit a 2nd pair the first time, then tripped up my 9’s on the last hand.   Luck-sack – maybe, but it wasn’t expensive to hang around at that point. 

The good thing about the Maniac’s is that they will get very attached to their top pair and try to get you out of the pot with brut force if you hang around to the river.  Once I thought he was making a move and just bet the pot…turns out he had a straight.  Each time he shoved, he only had top pair.   Interesting.

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