Bankroll update

Today was a long day – I got close to hitting my bankroll target – within $4 about 5 times, then I would drop down.   I found it pretty frustrating.  I really didn’t want to cheat myself by not getting over the exact dollar amount target – but I had to cave in.  On the 5th approach to my target, I decided to quit for the day and take a withdrawl.  Now, I didn’t cut myself a check for the target amount – I went for $5.44 less because that’s how far away I was.   I don’t care – it’s my bankroll and I deserve a reward after such hard work.

That means that since I’ve started this management scheme, I’ve been able to cut myself a check every other day.  Not bad.   The fact that I’m periodically rewarding myself and building the bankroll is a great feeling and gives me some genuine peace of mind.

Hope you’re all doing well too!

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