Wednesday Update

I was a little sluggish earlier today, so I started my day with some reading and updating some of the appraisal software I wrote while I sipped my morning Non-Fat Iced Mocha.

I added a bit to the business plan as well.  That was a good exercise because it really reinforced the right game, right opponents, right limits, right time of day, thing.  I’ve noticed that the daytime is kinda full of good players who play poker for a living and finding juicy tourneys can be tough.  I decided to start my day at 2pm when the guys from the east coast might be off of work.  I wanted to find a juicy game with a meaningful buy-in and just wait for the right one.

Bingo – right out of the gate took down a 6-handed tourney which catapulted me to my next financial reward goal.  Unfortunately, I need to wait another 2 hours before I can request a check because it’s been only 22 hours since I requested the last one.

The bankroll is growing and I’m getting small rewards along the way.  This feels like a really good thing as it relieves stress, protects the bankroll, and helps me really value what I’ve got.  The discipline and at-ease feeling I’ve had since Saturday’s pseudo-meltdown-and-recovery is a tremendous relief.   I need to continue the general discipline and generally review the documented plan in order to keep it at the forefront of my mind before each session.  It serves as a detailed and focused map while navigating unfamiliar territory.

As should be the norm, I’m going to take a break for a few minutes before returning to “work”.

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One Response

  1. Hey man glad to see you’re still running good. Well we both know that you’re playing very well also even though you’re too modest to admit it…lol.

    One quick question….how is FullTilt with regards to their check sending. I know that for some reason they are not allowing bank transfers and the only way to get money from them is have them send a check.

    Did you have to fax over your ID and stuff?

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