Wednesday Follies

Played a 6-handed turbo and found a maniac to my right who donked off everything on absolute rubbish hands and had the gall to trash talk.  He stated that he’d play any of us heads-up for any buy-in.  I politely suggested a medium stakes cash table and waited for him.  He busted out of the tourney and came for a seat.  .26 hands later I had an extra 68 BB’s.  I wanted to get back to the tourney, so I thanked him, stood up, then managed to squeak into 2nd when my A8 ran into AT when the blinds were at 400 and I had only 3800 left.  All-in all, not a bad start to the day.  

Hope I run into the maniac again – he was fun.

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One Response

  1. Nice job Snyde. It’s always fun to play these donks at the money tables where I’m sure you have the edge over them.

    I hope you put this dude on your buddy list so you can exploit him further!

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