Wednesday Follies – V2.0

After early morning success, I fell into a deep deep pit.   I found another “maniac” to play heads up.  I got down pretty quick when the guy flopped a straight vs my flopped 2 pair.   Big pot…lost my stack.  The problem is that it didn’t stop there.  I really felt I was playing pretty well and that I could get the best of this guy if I just stuck with it and didn’t get carried away with top pair or overpairs – he seemed willing to go broke with hands like that.  So I battled back a bit – though not fully.  As we were about even (though I was still down) – I flopped 2 pair again.  I bet the pot, he called.   The turn didn’t appear to be *too* threatening.  I bet, he hesitated – then re-raised all-in.  I wondered for a bit – and of course, called…after all – he was a maniac.  He’d filled a gutshot.  Boom – another stack gone.   Without going into all the gory details, he flopped a straight again and took me for a bunch.   This actually ate up a good portion of my bankroll.

While I would have liked to have battled back to recover that money from him (it was a very large amount) – I reasoned that he had so much behind him, he’d almost never fold and that all I’d do is lose more.

It was the largest loss to date.

All-in-all though, it was a good learning experience.  I think calling stations are a better bet than maniacs.  At least they’re passive and they’ll call a lot in less than favorable circumstances.  Maniacs are just that – maniacs.  They are dangerous and unpredictable and you just never know if they’re totally bluffing or if they’ve got the nuts.

Despite the hefty loss, I slept ok and managed to keep my wits about me.  I was able to separate emotionally from the loss and focus on a lot of the success that I’ve had recently.  While I’ve now got to re-build the bankroll to the healthy level it was at on Wednesday morning, it doesn’t mean I need to get there right away.

I’ll drop down to a safer buy-in.  Focus on tight-solid play in short-handed SnG’s for a while.   And I’ll continue to withdraw money as my bankroll builds.  When I initially set up the bankroll strategy – I didn’t really buid in any strategy for large swings – upward or downward.   My gut tells me that the downswings should be business as usual, build up incrementally with withdrawls according to schedule.  On the upswings, I think I’ll generally build incrementally with the occasional modest bonus if there’s a really hefty windfall.

Before getting back to things today, I plan to enjoy an iced mocha at my local coffee house and hit the books for a while – just to recharge the batteries and train the brain a bit.   I DON’T want to go back into battle with the feeling that I NEED to take people’s money – I want to go in feeling that I’m simply ready to perform.  I can only control the performance – not the outcome.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t sweat it Snyde. Sounds like the guy got lucky a few times, I would chalk it up to variance. I’d take this guy’s name down play him again down the road. I mean if the guy is willing to call you down with a gutshot then I would imagine this is exactly the type of player I’d want to play against despite the fact that he’s over aggressive.

    But then there are some players who are maniacs but play that style very very well so maybe he knew what he was doing.

    In any event I hope that you’ll get back on track very soon.

  2. I actually think he was one of those guys that really played that style pretty well. While I’d love to recover the funds from him directly, I think the smart thing is to re-build piece by piece from others that are a bit more predictable. I’m happy with my emotional reaction after the bloodletting. The important thing is to quit sooner and realize that bankroll preservation is more important than getting even and proving anything to anyone – particularly someone who’s gotten the best of me. Thanks for continuing to read and for the great comments!

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