45-Player Tourney – Afterthoughts

Played a 45-player tourney yesterday and was running well.  Lasted till the final table with an average chipstack and was in good shape to slide into the money – it paid thru 6th place.

I wake up w/ AQ and raise.  The large-stack, aggressive player shoved all in.  I’d seen him do it in the past with medium pocket pairs.  I’d noted him as someone to avoid tangling with.  Of course, what happens, I call – putting my tourney life at risk.  He showed 66 and my AQ went unimproved and I was out.   I was disappointed to a degree, but my general feeling was that winning that hand could put me in the drivers seat – which would have been nice.

An afterthought occurred just moments ago as I read this quote from, “How to Think Like a Pro” by Roy Cooke and John Bond.   It says, “To err on the side of caution can only be a small error.  To err on the side of taking too much risk can be a disaster.”

In other words, folding would have only been a small mistake – and there’s no doubt about it.  I’d still have chips left to battle with and could have picked a less dangerous opponent or a smaller stack to tangle with.  Calling like I did, on the other hand, would be either a huge mistake or a coin-flip at best.  Based on that player, it’s unlikely that me calling the all-in was going to be a brilliant decision.   *Sigh*

I could have waited till I was actually in the money to make a call like that.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  But that quote really puts things in perspective and will hopefully come to the forefront of my mind when I’m put in that kind of situation again.

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  1. The quote makes a lot of sense actually. It’s something that all poker players fight. The problems that I’ve been facing during SNGs is that I do the same type of mistakes. Taking on the stronger players or taking on the bigger stack and then blowing my game by doing so. After reading some SNG strategy books and posts on various forums, I think that in this situation a fold might have been the best move because you’re facing a strong player who’s put your SNG at risk and the fact that you pointed out that there were shorties and weaker players that you could’ve taken on.

    But then again if you win that flip you’re coasting to a decent score so who knows.

    Poker can be so frustrating sometimes…lol.

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