Saturday Afternoon

Spent the morning configuring Hold Em Manager and getting the HUD the way I wanted it while lounging at the locale cafe.  Set it up to not just import my hand histories, but observed table hand histories as well.  Good for data mining, etc.  While I watch tables and saw who the “sharks” were, I noticed their stats vs the loose-fishy players and made a note to emulate those players as best as possible.  That and I decided to leave my player chat/observer chat off.   I experimented with that recently and it’s amazing and fighting the urge to Tilt and go off on someone.  If you can’t open your mouth easily, you just generally don’t – and the anger/aggression subsides and you keep your bankroll in tact.  I like keeping chat off so far.

Anyway, I came home and cleaned up a bit from last night’s $5 educational tourney at my house, then plopped down to see how the HUD would work out.  3 tourneys:  1st, 2nd, bubble.  Then cash game.  Cash game was nice.  Had a great hand, but folded to tight player player on the button who re-raised me pre-flop.  Just decided that based on his stats, and my stats that he probably wouldn’t mess with me unless he had something that could beat my EP raise…so just folded.   Got in a nice pot later when a SB limper flopped two pair and I flopped an OE draw from the BB.  I bet light-medium and he just called.  Turn completed my draw – THEN he decided he wanted to chase me out.  I called, of course, and stacked him!   Sorta wish I had chat on so I could see what, if anything he typed….but generally glad to not be distracted and just move on to the next hand.

Chat off = good.  So far VERY impressed with Hold Em Manager.  Could become my new fav.  While I type this I’ve got 16 tables open doing data mining.  Sorta wish they had some bankroll management stuff in the software.  Perhaps I’ll suggest it.

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