Software Discovery

I’ve been a bit peeved at PokerOffice of late.  Seems that every time there’s a FullTilt software update, PokerOffice is broken…and not fixed very quickly.

I started searching for other tools to use with HUD stats.  PokerTracker seemed natural.  But I wanted to find other options.   Alas, I stumbled on HoldEmManager – which can be found at

I’m doing a 15-Day Trial.  The set-up was a bit on the technical side.  But once you get it up and going, the HUD is informative to say the least.  On top of that, the ability to dig-down and analyze is crazy!

The support seems to be extraordinary according to the 2+2 forums and from the looks of things on their site, the forum moderators/support are pretty responsive.

Cash game support appears pretty complete.  Tourney support is missing session and graph granularity at the moment, but I’m pretty confident that the developers are prioritizing this based on my interpretation of their skills and customer focus.

We’ll see how the next 14 days go, but it seems likely that I’ll invest the $80 in this software and abandon PokerOffice.

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