Wow – just played one of the hardest games ever.  The buy-in was steep.   There was a shark playing that I’d played with before.  In my notes it said that we really respected each other, so I was sure to greet him when I sat down (I turned on chat just to do that).  It seemed to be a good idea as it might sort of give the hint that I would stay out of my way if he stayed out of mine.   This was a big buy-in and I really wanted some leeway when I was targeting the other 4 in the tourney.   Anyway, said shark had quad 6’s once.  Had AK (2 pair) vs fish w/ A7 (2 pair)…guess what the river was.  7.   Can’t say I was sorry to see the shark go, but that was a shitty way to get bounced.

As for me, I was in good shape, till disaster struck and I found myself shortstacked.  Thankfully it wasn’t a turbo and I had 10X the BB…but only barely.  I had to tread water and just shove.   Luckily the hands I’d shown down on the way to shortstack were all primo and I stole the blinds once per round for a few rounds.  Then I find QJ and shove.  I get called by K9.  Flop is K9X…can’t even remember I was so horrified.  Then…miracle!  10 strikes.  I’m good w/ a straight. 
I was down to 160 chips at one point I think and damn did I battle back.  I got lucky on other necessary shoves and ended up coming back to win the tourney…for $390.   But now I’m freaked out because it was such a rollercoaster ride and such a rush surviving.   Lady luck definitely had my back on this one.   Whew!

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3 Responses

  1. Nice job Synde. It’s always more exciting when you’re down to your last chips and rally back for victory!!!

    Keep up the good work and hopefully this will mean more success on the MTTs.

  2. Hi Ken,

    Whats your handle on FT ? would love to look for you and get into game.

    Hope all is well.


  3. I read your blog very often.
    I am a low limit player myself.
    Please post newer updates.

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