Bad as Can (off-topic)

Friday night – instead of poker with the home-game crew – I went to San Francisco to see Arie Lange “And Friends”.  Turns out it was the “Killers of Comedy”.   When Kevin and I arrived, we could see Rev Bob Levy on the terrace outside the venue being interviewed.  We walked over towards the venue, and there he was – Beetlejuice!  I had to get a photo taken with the Beet – he wanted $5.  I was shocked as hell, but f* it – it was Beetlejuice and I love that little bugger.  He didn’t stink at all and his clothes were spotless.  I expected him to smell like dirty diapers after all the stories of him crapping himself on the road.   We explored the area to find food & drink.  Pizza and Beer seemed appropriate, so that’s how it went down.

Me & Beet

Me & Beet

Then it was on to the venue to catch the show.  Eric “The Midget” was in the auditorium lobby and causing a bit of a stir.  He’s definitely a polarizing character.  When he was brought out to his front-row seat he was greeted by a jeering crowd that was primarily booing him – but there were a few who seemed to approve of his presence.  I have to say, I can’t stand that dude -but I really felt bad for him when the crowd trashed him so badly.  At one point during his set, Artie handed Eric the mic – he went straight into plugging an appearance somewhere and the crowd was really pissed that that’s all he said.  He never got any of it out because the crowd was booing so loudly.  It was hilarious.   Anyway – Shuli, Yukko, Sal, Rev Bob, and Artie provided the expected off-color humor that seemed to satisfy the crowd.  Beetlejuice was brought out at the end for a bit of dialog w/ Artie that was *cute* I suppose.  Beet’s always a good laugh.  For some reason that little guy is one of my favorites.  It was cool to see my favorite morning talk-show guys out on tour and in the flesh.  And I’m glad I didn’t pay the $50 parking fee at the venue (for a 2-hr show…yowzers).   When we left there was a huge line of people waiting to get their cars.  Chaos!


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