Long overdue update

Times are tough and the financial crisis is hitting very close to home right now.   Could poker be the remedy?

I started playing a lot more recently and have opted to go for lower buy-in medium to large field tourneys.  I think it caters to my tight game – and I’ve had some good success.   After boosting the bankroll a bit, I’ve opened up a bit to play smaller tourneys if that’s all that time will allow.

I was having some melt-downs on occasion when I’d suffer a bad beat.  So Saturday I cracked the books again to recharge the batteries and hit the emotional reset button.  I came back and created a web-widget to keep up next to me to serve as my emotional and strategic compass during play, and it’s helped quite a bit.

The net result has been a cash in 10 out of the last 12 tourneys I’ve played. 

I’m not withdrawing anything yet – though I really need to.  I want to get the bankroll to the comfy level it was over the summer so that I can play larger buy-ins with bigger payouts.   Fingers crossed that I keep an even keel and a growing bankroll!P

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One Response

  1. Good to see that you’re building your BR up. Keep grinding it out and don’t be discouraged with the variance.

    I don’t know if you’re playing on Stars or not but they have these double or nothing SNGs that are really great for building BR.

    In any event, good luck and i’ll be looking foward to your next installment.

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