Thoughts of poker creeping back into my head…

After a long hiatus, the slowdown in appraisal assignments and my upcoming knee surgery are fueling thoughts of playing poker a bit more heavily in the coming weeks.

In preparation, I’ve created a new account on FullTilt and have also joined PokerStars.  I can be seen on both sites playing as wooshusukout.

I’ve also started brainstorming a gameplan for getting up to speed quickly and have just bought Small Stakes No Limit Hold ‘Em (eBook).  The eBook starts off with a focus on steal equity and showdown equity and appears to be doing a great job building a case for the importance of both when planning your hand pre-flop.

The gameplan I’ve identified has 4 stages:

  1. Build a Bankroll
  2. Fun Money
  3. Supplemental Income
  4. Goin’ Pro

In the “Build a Bankroll” stage (the current stage), I’ve set up the following guidelines/mantras to set the tone for my play:

  • 6-Max cash/SnG’s
  • Approx $25 buy-in
  • 2-Hr Sessions Max
  • Work on Level 2 thinking
  • No Tilt
  • Low Risk/Risk Management
  • Obey player profiles in order to make big folds
  • Win money, not pots!
  • Quit more effectively than my opponents
  • Evaluate 5 factors during every hand (see below)

The 5 factors I want to evaluate on every hand are:

  1. Position
  2. Stack Sizes
  3. Strength of my Holdings
  4. My Opponent’s Tendencies
  5. What’s the appropriate action?

These 5 factors should help me determine if my starting hand is a folding hand, a stealing hand, or a showdown  hand and should help me determine whether I want a big pot or small pot.

That’s all I’ve got for now!  See you at the tables!


One Response

  1. Thanks for the linking to the small stakes book, I’ll be investing in this as soon as I make a withdrawal at the end of the month I think.

    Best of luck with your plan.

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